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Pesky Blackberries

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You could dig them up next spring and send them to me! ;D
Carol B

I used salt in an area that I never wanted to have anything growing.  It's only about 3' square but a determined weed was impossible to keep out.  Nothing is growing there now and it's been a year and a half.  I would think that eventually it will "wash away" and the soil will again be able to support plant life.

You might also try offering the plants free on a local community bulletin board, or conacting a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculure) or locally sponsored organic garden - perhaps industrious locals would be happy to dig them out FOR you!  After all, blackberries sell for plenty of money per lb. :D

Pregunta? (little question, here...)

How long does salt remain in the soil? I mean- it should wash/leach out over time, but roughly how long a time would that be given average soil conditions? ::)

I've considered using salt on some serious stubborn nuisance growth around my place, but I really would like it to be green again one day...

aword from the brat:
One thing about the salt remedy mentioned above.  Use care that it is an area out of the way.  The salt will kill ALL the plants in the area.  And it will make that spot on heck of a mud pit.


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