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Welcome to The Frugal Life Community!

Now that you’re visiting our community, relax and spend some time enjoying the website. Get ideas for more creativity in your finances and meet a community of over 16,000 wonderful people on the forum. At the forum, you can ask questions, get answers and share your tips and answers with others. If you’re looking for information on a particular topic, use the search engine above to find it or view the list of Frugal Topics at the top right of every page. For us, an important part of each day is to have time in the natural world. We at The Frugal Life love to garden for wildlife. With decreasing habitat, it’s very important for people to consider birds, butterflies and bees when they plan and maintain their own piece of green space (even if it’s a balcony on an apartment building). The National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitat program is a great place to get information on what you can do to make an oasis for yourself and wildlife at the same time. What’s important to you? Are you taking time for those things? Life’s too short not to enjoy the important things. If you need a bit of encouragement on the why and how to slow down then read, my late wife, Donna’s article: Life Is In The ‘Being’ — Not In The ‘Doing’ Enjoy the website and be sure to take time to enjoy yourself. We appreciate your visit and bless you for being here! Randal Watkins