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Our New Firepit Reminds Me Of Childhood

We initiated our new fire pit with some friends last weekend. There was a nice chill in the air here in central Virginia, so it was a perfect night for it and we even roasted marshmallows.

Reminded us all of camping when we were young. We cut our own sticks before roasting. It didn’t take but a few marshmallows to be pretty sick from the sugar.

Funny how moments like that make our childhoods seem so simple compared to the complexities of being an adult. Wouldn’t it be nice if marshmallows and a fire could take away all the complications of life?

Well, it did for that evening. Some friends, some fun, some laughter and a fire to spark some dreaming. Even the short moments in life that create inspiration can be a pivotal point from which our lives can change for the better.

Meet you out back in an hour?