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Gray Foxes

We’ve been seeing grey foxes quite often and our neighbors are also. We had a lot of rabbits this year and it’s also the first year that any of us have seen foxes so often. Their normal range of habitat is from one to ten miles and territories overlap, so we’re not sure how many we have. They are nocturnal, which means they roam mostly at night, so we’re seeing them with headlights in the evening or early in the morning for the sunrise walkers.

When we lived in Alabama, we had a female fox that had a den behind our property and she would come daily to feed on the peanuts we would put out for the wildlife. After filling her tummy, she would lay at a distance close enough to hear if something was wrong at the den, but far enough away to be training the pups for the time they will be on their own.

Grey foxes live in pairs rather than packs like wolves. Their life expectancy can reach 15 years. Although they are called grey, they do have some reddish coloring around the neck and chest, so when the reddish color is seen, some people think they’ve seen a red fox. Get more information on Gray Foxes at this site: