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End of Car Lease: Now What?

End of Car Lease: Now What? The Dollar Stretcher by Gary Foreman Dear Dollar Stretcher, My husband and I have really started getting serious about getting out of debt. About 2 years ago we decided to lease a maxed out Suburban.  It is our only vehicle so we justified the $507 payments with that logic.  […]

Buying A Car

Buying A Car Q . Any tips on how to buy a car and not get taken? Buying a car is one of the most stressful things ever, especially for those of us who are very concerned about getting a good deal. For one year I worked as an account executive in a retail automotive […]

Fixing Used Cars

Fixing Used Cars Q.   We have a 92` Ford Tempo that has been diagnosed as needing a new motor. The thing is dying fast. The problem is we still owe 1,700 on the car and it`s probably only worth 1,000 even if there was nothing wrong with it. The motor, we were told would cost […]

Automobile Topics

Automobile Topics How To Save On Gasoline Auto Insurance for Teens and Adults Finding The Best Auto Financing Buying a Car Getting Out of an Auto Lease End of Lease: Now What? Fixing Used Cars New Car vs. Used Car Rental Cars For Less Department of Motor Vehicle s – Find information on driver’s license, […]
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