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What I’m about to say will be counter intuitive to most, I know.
I hope to prove in a series of brief articles that making budgeting a way of life is not
the torture mechanism we’ve been trained to think it is!  Together, let’s explode
some of the myths associated with budgeting-myths that prevent many people from getting
the many benefits of a money plan.  With all of the information we have today about
handling finances, why do the headlines still broadcast that "Bankruptcy is Up,"
"Saving is Down," and "Spending is Out of Control?"

My experience is that most of us go through our school years focused on job or career
training that teaches us how to earn money, yet leaves us with no foundation for how to
spend money-spend it wisely, that is. After years of waiting to get out of school, how
quickly things can happen. Before we know it, we are out in the "real" world
with a rent or mortgage, groceries, kids, and bills of every description.  I like to
use the analogy in my seminars that this scenario is much akin to learning all the skills
to build a house-the carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.-without ever learning how to
read or draw a blueprint! Well, I was there. My husband was there. Taking the bull by the
horns, we did a lot of research and investigation and over the last 15 years have earned
the dubious moniker of budgeting "gurus" in our own inner circle. Expanding that
circle about 6 years ago, we began teaching seminars in our community. Today our circle
continues to enlarge, and I hope I can share some good information with you too!

For those of us dedicated to the frugal life, the message has come through loud and clear:
how a person spends money is far more important than how he or she invests it!

Let’s learn to spend our money right by exploring the topic of budgeting in more depth.
Let me show you how to find extra money in your paycheck every month, without having to
"give up" or "deprive" yourself-things normally associated with
"going on a budget!" Deprivation is ancient thinking. I’ll share the secrets of
this new attitude!


Jane Chidester is the author of Budget Yes! 21st Century Solutions for Taking Control of Your Money Now! –

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