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Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Steel Wool Pads
like Brillo or SOS,are great for cleaning around the house, especially in the kitchen. But usually one pad is too big for just a few small jobs and its a pain to keep them from rusting between uses. Solution? Cut a regular sized pad into fourths. Use an old pair of scissors.I fill up a pint sized jar (or any kind of container is fine) and keep it handy at the sink. No waste, no more rusty gooey mess!!

Cleansing Powder
When you open a can of cleansing powder like Comet, don’t fully remove the sticky tab that covers the holes on the top of the can. Lift it off and place it over half the holes, leaving half covered, half open.Not as much cleanser will pour out when you shake it. Less waste,less gritty residue to rinse, makes can last longer.

(Especially if your young kids want to help clean the bathroom!)

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