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Essential Oils

Make Your Own Cleaning Products With Essential Oils Visit and view the numerous Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes Don't worry you won't lose your place.

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Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Steel Wool Pads like Brillo or SOS,are great for cleaning around the house, especially in the kitchen. But usually one pad is too big for just a few small jobs and its a pain to keep them from rusting between uses. Solution? Cut a regular sized pad into fourths. Use an old pair of scissors.I

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Candle Wax In The Carpet

Candle Wax In The Carpet Q.    I have brand new wall to wall carpeting and a candle melted and put a large pool of wax into my carpeting could you please tell me what I can do to remove the wax from my carpeting without damaging my carpeting? A.  For the candle wax on

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Candle Wax On The Wall

Candle Wax On The Wall Q.     I tipped over a large 3 wick candle and the wax ran all the way down my wall. It is painted in flat paint and I cannot seem to get it off. Any suggestions? Tiffany D. A.  Just a thought:  Take a hair dryer and melt it so

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Removing Water Deposits

Removing Water Deposits Q. I'm looking for advice on removing soft-water deposits from faucets and fixtures.  Vinegar works great for hard water, but I recently moved to a home with a water softener, and found that vinegar does nothing for soft water deposits.  Thanks.  Deborah A.  Try a product called CLR -- it is wonderful! 

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation A few months ago someone asked me whether it was more economic to wash dishes by hand or to use the dishwasher.  The best answer I can come up with depends on your family and how many dishes you have and what kind of dishwasher you use. A typical dishwasher uses between

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Tar On Brick

Tar On Brick Q . Recently, my son did some repair work on my house and used tar to seal the space between the house and the wall outside.  He got a lot of the tar onto my brick front porch, please if anyone can come up with a method or product to help me

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How Can I Get Rid Of The Sour House Smell?

How Can I Get Rid Of The Sour House Smell ? Q. Our house smells sour (motel room like) no matter what we do!! We are very clean people-- got any suggestions on how to permanently get rid of the odor. I'm tired of covering it up with candles, sprays, etc. I've even tried baking

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Fuzzy Sweaters

Fuzzy Sweaters Q. I just recently subscribed to this newsletter. How can you get rid of fuzz-balls on your sweater? I have tried the lint-removers, but they don't seem to work. Do you have any suggestions? Lynn A.  I have always used a disposable razor to take fuzz balls off my sweaters and it works

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Removing Spilled Wax 

Removing Spilled Wax Q. I am hoping someone can help me.  My husband was waxing our van when the wax accidentally dumped over.  It was on a ledge by the window, so as a result, it splattered (or poured rather) all over the brick of our home and the concrete driveway.  Any ideas on how

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