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Candle Wax In The Carpet

Candle Wax In The Carpet Q.    I have brand new wall to wall carpeting and a candle melted and put a large pool of wax into my carpeting could you please tell me what I can do to remove the wax from my carpeting without damaging my carpeting? A.  For the candle wax on

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Fingernail Polish in the Carpet

Fingernail Polish in the Carpet Q. I spilled fingernail polish on my carpet - a whole bottle.   Any ideas on removing it?Blot with fingernail polish remover. You may want to test in an area behind some furniture first to make sure the color won't come up. Start out with as little as possible and use

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Crayons In The Carpet

Crayons In The Carpet Q.     My son vacuumed up a crayon and now I have blue streaks of melted crayon in my carpet... I cannot afford new carpet does anyone have any solutions? Thank you. Robin Use non diluted vinegar. It works like a charm.  Terry Here are 3 easy steps that I have

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