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Candle Wax On The Wall

Q.     I tipped over a large 3 wick candle and the wax ran all the way down my wall. It is painted in flat paint and I cannot seem to get it off. Any suggestions? Tiffany D.

A.  Just a thought:  Take a hair dryer and melt it so it runs down or you can blot it off or you can blot it.  Good Luck  Terry S.

A.  Wax will melt when heated. So why don’t you try using a hair dryer set on the highest setting to slowly melt the wax off. make sure you have plenty of paper towels handy to soak up the melting wax. the only other solution that I can think of is to place newspaper on the wax and then place a hot iron (make sure you have a damp towel between the newspaper and the towel) on to the area you need the wax removed the newspaper should soak up the wax and the damp towel will prevent the paper from burning or sticking to your iron. I have done both of these to remove wax from furniture and my rug. Hope it works for you.  Lisa F

A.  Have you tried using a warm iron and a paper towel to rewarm the wax? put the paper towel over the wax and gently move your iron back and forth over the wax  Cathleen S.

A.  You should try" Goo Gone",it works great on wax crayon marks so it should work for candle wax. You can buy this product just about anywhere at a minimum price, sometimes there are rebates for it. My house would not be without this product! Marji K

Ink Marks on the Walls

Q.   Do you have a remedy for removing ink marks off walls? Angela

Try using hair spray on the Ink Marks. It will work on clothing and other things.  Wilma

Try spraying a little WD-40 on paper towel and rub lightly. Don’t spray directly on surface.  Terry

First, try talcum powder or cornstarch.  If that doesn’t work (and if the paint is scrub-able) try a spray cleaner, like 409.  If that doesn’t work, use nail polish remover. Mary Alice

Try using a little Bon Ami cleanser. Dampen a soft cloth, dab just a little of the cleanser on it and gently work the spot, stopping frequently to wipe and dry and be sure you’re not lifting the paint, too! If done lightly and assuming your paint is at least average quality, the spot should come off and the paint should stay. Also – for future reference, satin finish paints are generally easier to clean than flat finish.  Carol

Something I have used for most all marks on walls is a soft damp cloth & baking soda. Just use small circling motions & be gentle. This has taken any mark off that I come across. Good luck! Phyllis