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Convection Ovens Are They Frugal? – The Frugal Life

Convection Ovens - Frugal Investment? Rather than let hot air circulate randomly, a convection oven carefully creates a uniform temperature with internal fans that evenly circulate hot air. Convection ovens are often more expensive than standard, or radiant, ovens, but they cook food faster, at a lower temperature, and often with better results. Fans ensure

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The Frugal Life – Eating Healthier For Less

Eating Healthier For Less Consumers over recent years have expressed through their buying habits a desire for more healthy foods, stores and food manufacturers have begun to listen, giving us more health focused options. However, it sometimes seems that in order to eat healthy also means paying more for those foods. Here are a few

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Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden by Dori Fritzinger If you love using herbs as much as I do, you will probably agree that fresh-picked herbs always taste better than store-bought ones. If you have available yard or garden space, you can plant a kitchen herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow, don't need a lot of space,

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Using Leftover Vegetables

Using Leftover Vegetables Keep a large cool whip (Or whatever you have) container in your freezer, as you clean up from each meal , put the bits of veggie, rice or pasta into the container.  Mark it Soup Fixings, use it when you are making a stew or soup, there is no need to cook

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Lunch Tips for School Days

Lunch Tips for School Days By Tawra Kellam It's that wonderful time of year that lightens your heart and fills your soul with peace & tranquility. No, I'm not talking about Christmas! I'm talking about school starting!! Yes! Yes! Yes!  It's a bitter sweet time for most moms. Bitter because you're back to hectic mornings,

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Kids ‘n Honey: A Natural Mix

Kids 'n Honey: A Natural Mix Raw honey is not only tasty, but it's extremely nutritious. Incorporating it into your daily diet is an excellent step to take towards maintaining general good health. Dr. D.C. Jarvis says "I am saddened when people tell me that they don't eat honey because costs more than white sugar.

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Warm Weather Food Safety

Warm Weather Food Safety by Dori Fritzinger Summer is often associated with cookouts, picnics and other outdoor meals. But the combination of warm weather and leaving food out at room temperature can cause serious food safety concerns.  It's not always possible to see, taste or smell dangerous bacteria. Each year, many people will become the

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Making Water For a Humidifier

Making Water For a Humidifier Q. I love your newsletter and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make "homemade" distilled water from tap water.  Possibly boil, then strain through a coffee filter?  We have hard water and must use distilled in our humidifier.  Any hints will be appreciated!  Thanks, LCR LCR needs

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