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Home » How to Earn What You’re Really Worth In The New Internet Economy by Louis Burrows

How to Earn What You’re Really Worth In The New Internet Economy by Louis Burrows

How to Earn What You’re Really Worth
In The New Internet Economy

by Louis Burrows

Article Courtesy of MediaPeak,

These are exciting times. Every day the headlines tell us about someone else who made a fortune almost overnight in the new Internet economy.

Of course, not everybody is getting rich. The vast majority of North Americans are actually earning less than they were ten or fifteen years ago. Unless you’re one of the lucky few, the news can be a bit depressing.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Launching yourself into the middle of Internet success is easier than you think. In the dynamic of the new economy, the difference between earning $15,000 and $100,000 a year is really quite simple.

I can’t say it is only as easy as changing your state of mind (although attitude is a big part of it). But by knowing some insider secrets and having a solid plan you can work, you can make big, quick strides toward getting your fair share of the new high-tech wealth.

Here are four things you can do NOW:

1. The new wealth is based on people dealing in pure information. Take an inventory of the ways you use or can learn to use information well. Being able to motivate people via email, keeping in close contact with a wide range of associates with your cell phone, and understanding financial statements can all be the basis for a successful career in the new economy.

2. Focus on how you can learn new skills now and in the future. The new economy is a learning economy where your value is based on what you know and how fast you can learn new things. The old idea that people over the age of 25 learn more slowly is pure myth. Adults with lots of work experience are usually the first to find ways to put new knowledge to work.

3. Work with experts to learn insider techniques. We are now beyond the pioneer stages of the Internet. The techniques that work are proven and well-known to experts. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Learn from those who have already paid plenty of dues. Find what works and put it to work.

4. Create a logical plan, work it, and stick to it. Nothing comes to those who don’t work hard. Equally, very little comes to those who don’t plan their work and work their plan. Keep your goals in mind each day and refuse to let yourself become derailed by temporary setbacks or the bewildering crush of new information.

By keeping these four things in mind, you will be firmly on your way to realizing your full potential in the new Internet economy.

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