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Finding Brassiere Underwires

Finding Brassiere Underwires Q. This will sound like an odd question but here it is: Is there someplace (or somehow) to get replacement under wires for brassieres? I am forced to wear under wire bras for necessary support but the under wires tend to break long before the rest of the bra (fabric, shoulder straps, […]

Microwave Liner Peeling

Microwave Liner Peeling Q. A few years ago, my husband bought me a microwave with a turntable.  For the past few months the lining on the bottom of the microwave has been flaking off in the area where the wheels on the turntable are.  Can that be repaired? Can we use the porcelain stuff you […]

Learning to Sew

Learning to Sew Q. I have been a faithful reader for some time now, and almost always find something in your newsletters that helps me save money.  As a young single person, on a severely limited budget, I was intrigued by the letter from the "single dad" who altered his daughter’s clothes for her.  I […]

Making Mexican Tiles

Making Mexican Tiles  Q.  I would like to learn how to make Mexican paver tiles VERY shiny and high gloss, both inside and outside.  I see them in Mexican restaurants but have been unable to find out how they get that shine.  OCI A.  The way they make Mexican tile–or quarry tile-shiny is that they […]

Salvaging Old Towels

Salvaging Old Towels Q. I have towels which are still useful but the edge (hem?) is getting ratty. I am a marginal sewer … how can I salvage these towels? Margie A.  Here is an easy way to fix those towels.  Using your sewing machine, sew a running stitch parallel to the hem – now sew […]
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