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Making Mexican Tiles

Making Mexican Tiles  Q.  I would like to learn how to make Mexican paver tiles VERY shiny and high gloss, both inside and outside.  I see them in Mexican restaurants but have been unable to find out how they get that shine.  OCI A.  The way they make Mexican tile--or quarry tile-shiny is that they

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Softening Stiff Material

Softening Stiff Material Q.  I am wondering whether any other reader could help me with softening 'stiff' material.  I purchased some 65% polyester 35% cotton yesterday to make a couple of dresses.  I was assured by the sales assistant that my concerns over the stiffness of the material would be allayed by washing and that

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Taffy In The VCR

Taffy In The VCR Q. My son has mangled our VCR by getting taffy in it.  I reserved a book from the library on VCR repair but won't have it for a few weeks. I thought I could just clean it out but can you use water? Can you scrub some of those "gadgets" without

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Tar On Brick

Tar On Brick Q . Recently, my son did some repair work on my house and used tar to seal the space between the house and the wall outside.  He got a lot of the tar onto my brick front porch, please if anyone can come up with a method or product to help me

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Restoring Non-Stick Cookware

Restoring Non-Stick Cookware Q    I seem to remember watching a cooking program on a cable channel years ago. the host was introducing a segment about restoring the "non-stick" to non-stick cookware. The phone rang and I missed the rest of the show. I never saw or read anything since about restoring non-stick pans,etc. I've

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Restoring Original Paint

Restoring Original Paint Q. I recently purchased a home that was built during the depression. I am having a difficult time finding information concerning the paint and/or wallpaper colors that were used during that time in history. I would like to restore the home to an original state as possible, so ANY information concerning furniture

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Painting an Old Grill

Painting an Old Grill Q. I was given an old gas barbeque grill. It works fine but I would like to repaint it as the black color is mostly gone. How do I do this? I know I have to use heat resistant paint. Thanks. Shelia 1.Lightly sand it with a wire brush to remove

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Repainting Appliances

Repainting Appliances Q.    Do you know if you can paint large appliances such as a refrigerator or range? They're still in good working condition but don't match the kitchen decor. Yes! We did it years ago. Went from Copper to Almond and it worked. We just went to the yellow pages (I don't remember what

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Gift Jars

Gift Jars One reader mentioned filling jars with ingredients for cookie or cake recipes to give as gifts, I have seen these in stores and yes they are expensive. I would like to make my own also, and decorate the jars and lids with material ribbon etc.  I would love to hear from other readers

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