Non-Toxic Disinfectant Cleaning Spray

Making your own household cleaners will save lots of cleaning supplies money over the years, but the real savings are in being able to rid your home of toxic chemicals that not only affect children and pets, but also adults as they are absorbed through the skin and lungs.

Here’s one of our favorite all-purpose cleaner recipes.

Lavender and Tea Tree Spray Cleaner

1 t. borax
2 T. white vinegar
2 c. hot water
1/4 t. lavender essential oil
3 drops tea tree essential oil


Mix all ingredients together and stir until dry ingredients dissolve. Pour into spray bottle for long-term storage and use. Spray as needed on any surface except glass. Scrub and rinse with a clean damp, cloth.

More Cleaning Recipe s

You can get essential oil kits from Nature’s Sunshine. It’s fun to make your own supplies. It’s a great idea for gifts and a nice tradition to pass down to children.