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Removing Dark Eye Makeup From Washcloths

Removing Dark Eye Makeup From Washcloths

Q. I’m having a terrible time removing dark eye make-up stains from light colored terry cloth washcloths. I’ve tried a lot of different things…desolvit, bleach, goop, spray ‘n wash, dishwasher powder, soaking all night…nothing seems to work ..any suggestions? – Patty

For Patty’s response, try using OxiClean and letting them soak overnight.  If you can make it into a paste, then scrub into the stains with an old toothbrush that will work even better.   I have even gotten old make-up stains out this method – Debi

Have you tried "oxyclean" or "Zout"…I love the stuff. I work in a Chiropractor’s office and his towels looked awful before I washed them. I didn’t need softener (which by the way, locks in stains by coating them with silica) try soaking with oxyclean then spot treat with Zout, finally wash them like you normally do. good luck – BB

I had the same problem. I love clean white washcloths but everyone of mine were yellowish-gray in the middle from make up stains. I tried everything from soaking in bleach, Oxyclean which worked on brightening all of my other whites, enzyme detergents, and every kind of spot remover on the market. Absolutely nothing removed the stains. Finally I read an article in Martha Stewart magazine that made perfect sense. The article recommended using a dark cloth for makeup removal only. I went to a discount outlet and bought cheap (2 for a dollar) hunter green washcloths. I keep them in my makeup drawer next to the makeup remover cream. My white wash cloths are spared and absolutely nothing shows on the green ones. Of course Martha embroiders her with "Makeup Only" so her guest will know what they are for. I didn’t bother, because I know what they are for and I’m the only one who uses them. Best regards – Joyce

I use Krud Kutter (available at Home Depot and Paint Stores) to get mascara off of my yellow velour hand towels. Krud Kutter works on just about any surface and any stain without damaging it – Kay

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  1. I pretreat with a stain stick, then once a week soak my wash clothes overnight in a mixture of coconut oil (one or two Tbsps per gallon of water), and sodium bicarbonate. Rinse with warm water and launder as usual.

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