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Consolidation Loans

by Gary Foreman Dear Dollar Stretcher, What you would advise as far as getting loans to pay off credit cards. I have two of them with a minimum payment of over $100 a month. Its very hard to make that. Should I take a loan out from a bank?I've tried doing balance transfers and I

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Compound Interest…Friend or Foe?

When asked, "What do you consider mankind's greatest invention?", Einstein replied, "Compound interest!" To this bit of wisdom I'd like to add, "If and only if it's working FOR you." When it's working against you, it's a beast! If we take the time to understand the compound interest formula, we can see how to defeat

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Five Reasons to Check Your Credit Report Regularly

In much the same way that a resume displays your work experience to a prospective employer, a credit report provides prospective creditors (and in some cases employers and insurers too) with a detailed picture of your credit history. And like a resume, your credit report can influence whether you will receive what you are applying

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What I'm about to say will be counter intuitive to most, I know. I hope to prove in a series of brief articles that making budgeting a way of life is not the torture mechanism we've been trained to think it is!  Together, let's explode some of the myths associated with budgeting-myths that prevent many

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Banker’s Bounce

The Dollar Stretcher by Gary Foreman Dear Dollar Stretcher, Would you please check out ChexSystems? I'd like to know if anyone else has had an experience with them and what they have done about it. JS JS doesn't say it, but he's probably had trouble trying to open a checking or savings account. And more

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Groceries  – The Check Out Check Up

Groceries - The Check Out Check Up The Dollar Stretcher by Gary Foreman Dear Dollar Stretcher, My family is really struggling with our budget.  We are a family of five spending approximately $500 per month on groceries and household items.  Do you think we could do better?  I use coupons, buy only generic and sale

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