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Re: catch and release is not a humane solution


    All small mammals (mice included) have small territories and short life spans, thus if you take a mouse far away from it’s territory (the area it was born in) it can’t find food and/or is invading another animal’s territory. Basically, you’re kidding yourself if you think that you’re being “humane” by taking an animal out of the area where it knows where food/water/shelter are and dumping it somewhere else–it’s going to starve or be eaten. Plus, these are mostly house mice (Mus musculus) not Paramyscus spp., so they are not meant to live in the woods, they live in houses, barns, industrial areas etc. Mus musculus (the common house mouse) is NOT native to North America (it was brought here by Europeans) thus doesn’t belong here anyway, so releasing it “back into the wild” is completely ridiculous. There’s nothing humane about catching and releasing it, you’re just sentencing it to a slow death. Just get over yourself and buy some snap traps.