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Re: DMSO – how is works


    My dad was a Bio Chemist and studied DMSO extensively in the 1960s and 70s. He used it extensively on himself and his 5 children. DMSO opens the membranes for every cell it contacts. And we are not talking about just a little bit. If we were talking houses, the front door just became the garage door. It opens these membranes very big. This has positive and negative consequences. On the positive side, the natural healing of the body is aided because all the nutrition in the neighboring cells can be used to repair the injury very quickly. My father’s tests indicated that tissue damage can be repaired in less than half the time (actually closer to a third the time). And very little if any scarring. In fact, it build skin so efficiently and is such a powerful solvent that it can actually dissolve pre-existing scars over time. But it is most effective when used immediately after the injury. I also allows other topical medicines to be absorbed efficiently through the skin. However, this is also the danger. You must be careful and avoid topical contact with ordinary household cleaners and other poisons. If you would not drink the item, then you better not allow it to touch your skin because you can literally drink it that way. This is no exaggeration. When you apply pure DMSO to any part of your body, you will taste it in only two or three seconds: It travels that fast! You will smell it on your breath after a few seconds longer. This is a powerful substance and should be taken with extreme care as it will enhance the effects of other drugs—obviously. If you drink, expect to get drunk or overdose much quicker as your body will absorb the alcohol quicker. Don’t play with it and just take it for granted that the side effect of any substance you combine with it will be enhanced (both positive and negative). I still use DMSO on my self and my own kids. If you remember the caution mentioned about about interactions with everything, you should be fine and you will be impressed.