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Re: homeowner


    This is all so confusing. I live in the Poconos and we freeze in the winter because of our electric heat. The reason, the cost! When we moved here the previous homeowners told us heating was about $300-400 per month, what a lie! We had family here for the holidays and our electric bill was $1600 for the month of December! The average bill, is about $850/month. At this point, we only heat the area that we’re in, then before we go to bed we turn on the heat to our bedroom about half hour before so that it is warm. Then we shut it off when it gets comfortable, sleep with two goose down comforters, then whoever gets up first will turn the heat back on so that the room is toasty again. In other words if we’re not in a room, then there is no heat in that room so of course the entire house is freezing. The only exception to this is that the heaters in the rooms where water pipes are have to be kept on to prevent those pipes from freezing. We don’t encourage company to visit during the winter because of this. This electric heating is just not an efficient way of heating a home. I am confused about propane, radiant heating and all the other things. Just don’t know what to do. But I do know that this is no way to live and enjoy your house. Forgot to mention that each room has its own thermostat and individual heater.