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Re: nonstick / teflon / et al


    best thing is to never start using it. cooking in plastic? give us a break. we want long, healthy lives. get you two good cast iron skillets and a cast iron pot. this is all the cooking and bakeware you’ll need for a lifetime and can pass it down to your great-great-great-great-grandchildren. you’ll never be anemic, food will taste great, and it’s easy as pie to keep clean. you bake pies, cakes and bread in them. you make soups in them — do do everything in them. if you must, use spray non-stick, or use oil. clean with WATER ONLY and a scrubby. no soap. oil and salt once a year to perk them up. period. throw out that non-stick stuff or regret it when you’re diagnosed from all those little flecks that turned up in your body after you swallowed them. learn what great food tastes like and use cast iron.