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Re: peanut maple bombs


    We have a horrible ant problem at our house! After reading these posts I decided to try a mix of borax, peanut butter and maple syrup. I mixed the three together enough that it was like a dry dough that when in your hands, if you rubbed them together, crumbles into tiny carry-away bits for the ants to easily take back to mama ant. My wife previously had sprinkled borax all over and around our house and for about a week. Afterwards we saw none anymore. The ants all died, but probably didn’t get a chance to feed the white death of borax to the queen, They were back in full force less than a week later. After reading these GREAT suggestions, I did the above combination, I applied crumbled piles of it wherever I saw an independent group, the next morning they were all gone and no dead anties except the one I killed for fun while I laid the trap! THANK YOU ALL!