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Re: Prices vary!


    It’s funny to read all the lofty pronouncements, without any consideration of up-to-date, local prices. Here in upstate S. Carolina, electricity is only 8.5 cents/kWh, but propane is $3.66 gallon, about the highest in the nation, plus we have to pay to rent their tank! Oil is the same per gallon as propane, but has about 45% more energy. Natural gas is 40% of the cost of propane, but it’s 700 ft away for us. Because the wholesale price of propane is only $1.75/gallon, the propane business seems to be rather profitable, I’d say, due to inadequate competition. My forecast is for heating oil, which is so similar to diesel fuel, to become more expensive as China grows. There’s more new discoveries of natural gas than oil, so that would be my first choice.