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Re: Propane is cheaper…if your carefull


    I grew up in a Propane heated house. My parents bought (not rented) a 1000 gallon tank and just purchase their propane in the summer for the rest of the year from whoever in town is the cheapest. usually ends up being between $0.90 to $1.30 per gallon. I live in North Dakota by the way so the Furnace has to work overtime most of the winter around here. The tank is usually filled with 800 gallons and that lasts us till next summer. the bill usually being between 850 and one year it got to almost 1000 but you split that down by 12 months and thats 70 to 83 dollars a month or if you just want to count the cold months around here divide it by 7 or 8 and you get 142 a month at the most. Not sure who you are all doing business with but you are getting screwed. Also propane may cost more in your areas…its best to do research on whats the cheaper commodity in your area.