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Re: Propane this year 2012


    You should really shop around. Most providers will discount the price of a gallon of propane depending on how much you use. The northeast's largest provider will discount the price of a gallon to $3.79g from $4.79g if you use 300 gallons+ in a year. Another local provider will drop the price to $2.69g if you use more than 400 gallons+ in a year. I got tired of the cost of the heat pump and the propane a few years back and had a wood stove installed. Where I am at, I can get 4 cords of firewood for $400 delivered and dumped. I go through $800 in wood each year (October-April) and always have some extra left in May. I live in a 3200 sf home in Northern Virginia. The home is always warm and if there is a power failure, we still have heat. We use the heat pump's air handler to move the hot air around. Even with that, our electric bill is only around $90 per month (we have a hot tub). Yes, wood takes a little more effort (cleaning out ashes, loading the stove and checking the chimney each year), but it is well worth it to have a house that is always at 75 degrees all winter long. I found this site because I am considering installing a whole house back up generator. The generator consumes 3 gallons of propane per hour. I don't think the benefit will justify the cost of the generator (5K) and the cost of the propane to run it. Good luck to all of you.