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    (grinning…) Not many actually, I’m a rather simple person. A while back, I left a very fast paced $60K/yr job for a simpler life. I bake all of our bread, grow my own herbs, sew about 40% of my daughter’s clothes and almost all of mine, I crochet gifts for my family in another state and unfortunately, time and age has taken a toll on my hair, so it’s not as thick as it once was. My feet are way too ticklish for a pedicure, although I hear they’re wonderful. And I’ve never been a drinker to speak of.

    I guess my indulgences would be in yarn, material and kitchen gadgets and equipment. But you’re right – fair is fair. I’ve made it this far, I’ll start increasing the funds transfer to include my “outside the necessary” fabric purchases as well.

    (I wish I knew how to make tortillas and brew beer! :-)