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Re: Re: A New Air Conditioner


    I have called and left messages for many HVAc contractors to call me and come and do an estimate for a new HVAC system. 2 contractors came and took measurements but would not give me a diagnosis/recommendation re: what the new HVAC system seer, afue and btus would be. Presently I have 10,000 btu/8 seer ac system. It is not working at all. My house is an attached red brick house on one side, with 2 stories and a basement, 15feet wide and 34 feet long on all 3 floors, no known insulation on 2 floors but the basement is insulated, many huge windows with the sun shining directly on the back and front windows which are the largest, lot of humidity during the summer, extreme cold during the winter. I would like some advice if possible re: the HVAC i need, especially the btus needed. Thanks much