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Re: Re: Ants


    They are driving me NUTZ!! and to think that feeding colonies is helping the environment is even nuttier. I may consider myself an environ-mentalist…but I don’t feed ant colonies. So we tried the borax/sugar/peanutbutter mixture. It was more liquid than pasty. Perhaps we failed in making the right mixture. Irregardless, 3 cups of sugar to one cup of borax and pb simply bored them. Not a single curious ant. Not a lick, not a nod. Windex was used as the first thing to grab upon discovering a ‘train’ in the kitchen lined up to the chicken packaging in the trash. HUH? they aren’t interested in sugar….they are meat eaters?, The Windex killed them on contact and softened the paint on the cupboards. But it didn’t stop the cavalry from returning time and again. I did not have any opened food in the cupboards, so they seemed to stay away until today. I now take whatever piece of trash outside to the trash can and have turned into a neurotic vigilante, armed with Windex. They never bothered with the fruit bowl on the counter, or the containers of grains…sealed before they arrived. Cinnamon headed them off at the pass, but the thousands of armies only relocated elsewhere in the yard, and most likely under the house where it is a crawl space with screened air vents. There is a huge colony in the base of our orange tree…and they plowed through the ‘Great Wall O’ Cinnamon’ with swords drawn and royal shopping carts filled to the brim for their Queen. I might try the corn flour around the foundation? Maybe some Castille mint soap? mint plants? I dunno!! I need HELP!! I think our problem is gargantuan, and any effort is nothing more than using a tin can to bail out the Titanic. What’s left? I feel like I’m ready to arm myself in true Elmer Fudd fashion and just blast their wasskally holes to smithuweeeenes, but that wouldn’t help and I don’t own a gun anyways. Sooooooo, chemicals? I might be ready….since my kitchen counter is covered with sterilized pots n’ pans & de-greased skillets. All food is hermetically sealed, and I’m going away for a week. YIKES! What will I come home to? I would consider feeding them cat food, but the possums who make nightly visits to our orange tree would simple gorge themselves. HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!