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Re: Re: Ants


    I have had tiny brown ants invade my kitchen but only on one side of my kitchen where the food cupboard is, ,I was told by a friend of ours who works with pesticides to use Boric acid or Borax laundry detergentand mix it with powdered sugar, 1 quarter cup of sugar to 1 half cup boric acid or the detergent. I watched where the ants were comming from so I put this mixture on my cupboard by their opening to the wall that they were using and after a couple hours I had a trail of many ants comming and going carrying this mixture into my wall where they must have been nesting,after about a week I never saw another ant after that. The boric acid is also the same ingredients used in pesticdes for ants.I have had many friends also try this same remedy and they swear by it! Please do not kill any ants if you spot them,they give off a danger oder to other ants and they will move their nest elsewhere in the house which could be harder to find where they are comming from next time! Please keep this mixture out of reach from pets and children!.