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    I am a tech guy, so Terro  which is essentially the same Boric Acid and sugar riecpe my grandpa sold in his hardware store 75 years ago  was about the **last** product I tried to control ants.  Instead, over the years I have used every chemical bait system known to the FDA and then some. Of course, bait is the only way to go with ants; you never want to kill them directly because that will only increase their egg production and make the problem worse.  Its total nest elimination, or else a worse problem a few weeks later. Over the years, I have found some decent modern bait systems. But this year, we were invaded by Argentine Ants.  Literally thousands of these tiny eating machines appeared.  I tried every ant bait I could find in home depot, menards and Lowes  to absolutely no effect.  Interestingly, they actually ate roach bait I had and they loved it (but no effect from that either). Finally, I bought Terro which was quite literally the last product available from the big box retailers that I had not tried: what chance did Boric Acid have where Avermectin, Dinotefuran, and N-Methyl-N'-Nitro-N-Tetrahydro-3-Furanyl-Methyl-Guanidine all failed?? I set 5 drops spread on the windowsill of the window where I saw the most ants.  In 15 minutes, thousands of ants were swarming the drops.  They fed all day and all night 24 7 (have to hand it to the Argentine Ant  they are truly amazing creatures).  I had to replenish the drops which were gone after about 5 hours!  The feeding kept up for 2 days, and then I noticed a sharp dropoff in the number of ants and a lot of dead ants.  A day after that, no ants. Moral?  Don't be fooled by thinking modern science can hold a candle to this stuff.  If you have sugar eating (Sweet) ants of any kind, get this stuff.