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Re: Re: canning recipe


    I don’t exactly have a recipe for jalapeno dill pickles; however. I have canned dill pickles and all sorts of hot peppers before. I am thinking that if you are using fresh cucumbers and jalapenos (get them reletively small first time around, you can use bigger peppers later) with a hot vinegar solution, you should be able to just:
    *score the peppers lightly several times down one side with a sharp knife-I find scoring them diagonally helps keep them from falling apart so easily
    *pack your cucumbers in the jars, adding 1 or 2 peppers as you go (you can use more the next time around if you really like them hot, it’s a matter of not overdoing it until you see how well you like them), along with maybe a dill sprig and a small, scored, garlic clove
    *add your hot vinegar solution, following directions on adding liquid, removing air bubbles, and wiping the jar threads
    *put the lids on, and put them in the boiling water bath or pressure cooker for the recommended time for pickles
    *let them cool, then store them-the longer they are stored the hotter they will be
    *enjoy! …now I want to try jalapeno dill pickles myself…