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Re: Re: Car Insurance


    Yes Daniel, I see where you’re coming from!   :)   But, in the REAL world a lot of folks are driving without liability insurance. :'(  That’s really not fair to folks you may run into with your vehicle, unless you ARE financially responsible. Each state is different. In my state(AL) we have what is called a Financial Responsibility law. Before you can buy a tag for your car, you must show them your liability insurance OR certification that you have enough money to pay for any damage you might do to other people’s property.  ;D  If you should be involved in an accident you must again provide proof of insurance or put up a BOND in the amount of damage to the other person’s car or property. If you can NOT do this, both your TAG and
    DRIVER’S LICENSE are taken from you.  If the other person takes you to court to recover the costs of getting their car
    fixed and wins their lawsuit, then the money is taken from
    the bond you posted. Yes, this is a FREE COUNTRY, but
    you can’t just go around doing anything you want to. You
    must also think of other people.  ;D

    And, rates change from year to year. They vary, depending
    on whether you live in the city or country. Married people get better rates than single. Folks under 25 years old have to pay more. And, if you drive to work, the further you drive, the more your insurance costs.  I saw a survey just the other day which claimed that State Farm had the lowest rates. Well, they have NEVER had the lowest rates when I checked. I think it pays to RECHECK every year or so. You might save a bundle!