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Re: Re: Car Insurance


    Yah, car insurance is definitely a necessary evil.

    When I shopped around a few years ago (including AllState, AAA, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and 21st Century), Liberty Mutual and 21st Century seemed to have by far the lowest rates.  I didn’t call Geico or Progressive.

    I’ve had Liberty Mutual insurance 4-8 years ago and 21st Century for the last 4 (since 21st Century was slightly less).  I’ve been very satisfied with Liberty Mutual, but less impressed with 21st Century’s service (though they get the job done… just be prepared for long phone wait times, etc.)

    To save $, consider high deductibles and no purchasing comprehensive and/or collision if your car is old and is not worth much.  Always get breakdowns of the insurance quotes to help you decide whether comprehensive and/or collision is worth it.