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    I just found this BB so it may be too late to send this suggestion to you.  You my already have had your baby. (Congrats).  Take a worn tee shirt (not laundered after you wore it) to the hospital when you go to deliver. Be sure you wrap the baby in the shirt when you hold it so that it’s scent becomes mingled with yours.  Have your husband take the tee shirt home and give it to the cat to smell. Do this every day that you are in the hospital.  Bring the baby home in one of your worn tee shirts & intoduce the cat to the baby in the shirt. You want the cat to associate the baby’s scent with you.  But be careful if the cat still has claws – it may strike out.  Give the cat LOTS of attention & affection after you bring the baby home. When you are holding the baby, be sure to say it’s name & the cat’s name in the same tone & preferably in the same sentence.  Expect some problems – your household will be chaos for awhile & the cat will be upset.