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Re: Re: Cheap Shampoo Caution


    I totally agree.  After years of trying cheap shampoo, being told it’s just as good as anything else,  >:( I am through with it, because it makes my hair “dull and unmanageable”, to quote the commercials.  My hair is thin, and I have lots of it.  My scalp tends to be dry.  I need something gentle, as well as a good conditioner to keep the static and frizzies down.  All hair is not created equal, and all shampoos are not created equal, either.

    I have found, however, that often you can water the good shampoos down and get the same good results.  A solution of half water and half shampoo usually does the trick, and if in doubt, shampoo again —

    An inexpensive shampoo is no bargain if it makes you ugly!