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Re: Re: Cheap Shampoo Caution


    I buy my shampoo & conditioner at Sally’s beauty supply by the gallon when it goes on sale. I put some in a regular shampoo bottle and then dilute it. it works great. I find that if I buy it in bulk like this I am not tempted by advertisements to try something new. Everyone says that shampoos stop working at sometime and you need to switch. When this happens – i rinse my hair with white vinegar- let it sit for just a minute while you are in the shower and rinse out. I use the conditioner while in the shower and keep a small spray bottle with it diluted that i use when i need additional help/ i also use it on my dogs when their long hair is particularly dry between baths. Sally’s also has a silicone spray that is the best thing i have found to keep my hair from being damaged from blow drying.

    When ever i get a perm my hair dries out and bleaches out. i find if i put a mixture of 1part earth brown henna to two parts neutral henna it really conditions and gives my hair a lot of body. If i do it every 4 weeks i can get by without a perm for quite a while. if you dont want to freshen your hair color you can just use the neutral. you would not beleive the body and shine it gives.