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    Unless there really is an urgent need to remove a pet from a home please don’t suggest removing one just because it eats a lot. I have raise a string of pets with little damage to the wallet it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on sales & creative food management. I have used table scraps for pet food I have also boiled leftover chicken bones and skin in water for a broth to add to pet food mixed with rice, macaroni,mashed potatoes and even ground up cheap kibble. I have and old sausage grinder that is used to make our pet food. When pet food Co.’s make batches of food sometimes the batch is not up to a particular standard, it may have a little more or less of an ingredient, this does not make the batch bad but it’s not premium These “seconds” are not thrown away but used for a secondary line of food or a “home” brand, just check for “100% nutrition” . We also go to the scratch & dent food stores for dated but usable cans to add to the pet food mixes we make. There is no need to season the mix because human food is already seasoned. Many times we have too much pet food but this gets bagged and frozen,later on it’s zapped in the micro since these leftovers taste better than ordinary pet food leftovers there is no waste.