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Re: Re: Cleaning Pampered Chef Stones


    Okay, so I have my Pampered Chef stone, I've had it for years. Unfortunately I have been very reserved from using it because my mom borrowed it and applied PAM on one of it's first uses. It has since had a very bad smell and left a minor stench on anything I cooked on it.

    Yearning to cook with it, I took and did the Baking Soda cleaning procedure. That didn't work. So I tried it on a larger scale and let it set for several hours and tried again. after doing this a few times, I realized it had worked, but not completely. So I got to thinking. I realized that the problem is that there is oil baked into the stone. So, I placed the stone in the oven, filled it to the brim with water and set the oven to 350. I allowed it to preheat all together (This, in my mind, mitigated the risk of cracking the stone) and cooked it for 30 minutes. I then turned the oven off and let it cook to where I could put a dry towel in. I used that to pick up all of the fatty deposits that surfaced, then the water. I did this twice, and let me tell you this did what the baking soda scrub could never do. I am tempted to try again with a 1:4 Baking Soda – Water solution and see what the results are.

    Anyway, this is something that I thought I'd share.