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    Dorms are great places to dumpster dive. Even before the discards go outside, rich kids will usually dump perfectly good items wherever the trash receptical is on their floor. This often happens at the ends of semesters and before such holidays as spring break. My pals and I would take our extra belongings home early, before exams, and then have space to put others’ discards in our rooms and cars to take with us. We’d get curtains, coffeemakers, candles, clothing, clock radios, all kinds of things. What I didn’t use myself, I’d put in a garage sale at my grandma’s house back in my hometown. I could earn $100-$200 for my next term from the stuff we sold. You just can’t believe all the brand-new stuff college kids, especially those in sororities and fraternities, will throw away — after all its only their rich daddies’ money.