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Re: Re: College Tips?


    MIlk crates can store papers, clothes, books, soda or whatever.  Stack them one on top of another.  Put boards across 2 or so and put things on top like a dresser.  

    I bought a rug for my dorm room at an auction for a few dollars. Check yard sales, flea markets, auctions and thrift stores for nice things for the dorm.  

    Regarding books make sure they have the correct edition when buying it.  I once bought a used book for a class and found out it was edition 3, I needed edition 4.  Also some teachers require you read a bunch of books for their tests.  One teacher let you read 1 out of 3 and test on that book.  I saved money by not buying them all so check with the teacher (if possible) prior to buying your books.  Kids  advertised used books in the dorms and wash rooms, when I went to school.