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Re: Re: Converting From Electric to Propane


    To Big Boy with the BIG electric bills…
    In my area of OH, (Amish country) there are companies that will convert your home to propane…
    What all do you want to use the propane for?
    There are cooking stoves, furnaces, clothes dryers, water tanks, etc.

    First, start asking questions of other people who have propane, and of the companies that are in the business to do the conversion…
    Second, Please call your electric company & ask them to check your meter!  Find out if the electric company did an actual reading, or did a “guesstimate” based on the previous owner.

    Also, I have an electric hot water heater w/ a timer on it, so that it is not on during the night, or the daytime while I am at work.  These timers have a by-pass switch so if I need hot water on the weekends during the daytime, I can switch it on.

    My home is approx 1600 feet & my monthly electric budget is $67.00 month (I heat w/ fuel oil & a wood burner)  I have an electric hot water heater, clothes dryer & stove…
    I did have new windows installed a few years ago & replaced wood doors w/ steel doors from Lowes…I will save more $ when I replace the storm doors.
    Congratulations on becoming a homeowner!  It’s an adventure!