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    When my husband and I got married at ages 45+ we both had households already set up with the necessities. We decided to send out invitations with an insert containing that information. We requested that all who wished to celebrate the day with us to not bring a gift but instead to contribute a favorite dish to our pot luck reception.

    We hired three of my daughters high school friends to be at the hall where the reception was held to put out the food, buffet style, at a time right before we arrived from the church. They were there about an hour before the wedding and replenished food as needed for about another hour. They were each paid $30.00 for two hours work. They could have left then but stayed during the rest of the reception ate, danced and even put away leftovers in the refridgerator and cleaned up a bit before leaving.

    The reception was at a local VFW hall that we rented for $175.00. They even let us decorate it the day before the wedding and come back the day after the wedding to gather up our things.

    We had a beer keg, magarita machine and soft drinks, all self serve.

    We bought all the paper goods and supplies for eating and drinking at Sam’s Club.

    We got married the week after Easter and the church already had beautiful flowers in it from Easter, so we didn’t do anything but make pew decorations for the church.

    My sister did most of the decorating for the reception which was kept simple with a floral arrangement for the middle of the buffet table and some greenery on the cake table.

    We set up our own CD player and speakers, spread out our collection of music on the table by it and people occasionally went by and chose and played music that they liked and everyone danced.

    The cake, baked by my daughter’s best friend’s mom who bakes wedding cakes, was delicious and beautiful and cost $50.00 (special rate).

    The food was outstanding, a wonderful variety and we had more than enough. My friends said the food at our reception was the best they had ever eaten at a reception (and we live in the heart of Cajun country where food is ALL good!!)

    All costs for the reception totaled about $500.00