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Re: Re: crockpot recipes


    My basic recipe for stew is:

    Stew Meat 1/2 lb.-1lb.
    Cut potatoes (6 medium size) Ý
    2 large carrots
    1 large onion
    Oregano Ý1/2 t Ý[can’t get it to type correctly another word comes out instead, tea sthingy] Ý
    1/2 t salt (more if you like salt)
    green beans (1 16oz. cans worth or 2 handfuls fresh/frozen)
    1-3 minced piece(s) of garlic if you want
    2-3 cups of water
    2-3 bouillon cubes or beef broth (Subtitute for the water)

    Put all ingredients in a large crock pot. (For small ones cut down on your ingredients.) ÝCook on low 6-8 hours. ÝServe with a salad and you have a healthy good meal.

    Ý Ý