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    One of our favorite FAST FOOD meals.

    I put in my rice cooker

    1 recipe of rice, however many servings.

    To which I add any of the following:
    taco seasoning(I make my own),
    or a 12oz can tomato with onions and peppers, or add those seperately
    (pour liquids into measuring cup so its not too juicy)
    spices I like cumin, add several kinds. 

    Put in rice cooker, I have a steamer basket too I put refried beans(fat free) on a plate or bowl in the steamer basket. It can sit for hours.

    When ready spread beans on tortillias top with fried onions. rice, cheese, salsa, sour cream.

    You can add small amounts of chopped meat to rice, or serve left over meat(warmed) with tortillias.


    Spread chips over (lightly spayed with cooking oil) cookie sheet
    with two spoons one to scoop up refried beans one to srape off other spoon. Drop small
    peanut to almond size mounds of refried beans on top of chips.
    sprinkle salsa over chips
    generously sprinkle cheese over all
    cook at 350 for 15 minutes

    Serve salad or steamed veges.

    Rice and beans make complete proteins.

    This meal is very cheap to make
    Tortillias 1.00
    Chips 1.00
    tomatoes with onions and peppers    .69
    refried beans  .59
    Cheese  2.00

    I also like to make scalloped potatoes with ham which works really well in the crockpot. To make it less watery use part dry milk, as the potatoes will give off their mosture.
    If you add too little water just add more as it cooks. Also put the moisture mostly in the lower half of the crock.

    I hope this helps,  mom4boys