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Re: Re: deer repellant


    We have loads of deer here in SouthEastern Ohio and I love to grow roses and The Deer love to eat the roses, so I started using Red Hot Pepper, this doesn’t hurt the deer but they really don’t like it.  I also use the Hot Pepper in a liquid form to spray on the roses, it also has helped keep other critters, ie: beetles, from eating at them as well.  Roses systemically absord the pepper and therefore expresses it when they are bitten into.  I have NOT noticed a fragrance difference, but the “cuttings” do leave a bit of the pepper juice on your hands, so wash well after handling cuttings.

    Also, My Grandfather being raised in the farm land in Canada has always said to plant garlic around the rosebushes, the deer don’t like garlic, and supposedly it will increase the fragrance of the roses.  Don’t know much about the second, but in the veg. garden the deer stay away where the garlic is growing. :)