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Re: Re: Dog fleas & irritation


    Feeding garlic to your dogs will help rid the fleas, if you can stand the dogs’ breath.   ;)

    For the yard, you can spread yellow Sulpher.  Load up a sack, it must have holes (similar to the potato sacks used in sack races), and drag it around the yard.  Make sure to get the edges in case the fleas are coming from next door.

    For the house, you can use diluted Lysol.  Don’t dilute it too much because it needs to be strong.  Use a sponge to scrub it into the carpets and the floors.  My mom used this method for our dogs and cats and it worked great!  Yes, and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum — floors, bedding, closets, anywhere your dogs have been.  Always throw the bags out so the fleas can’t escape.