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Re: Re: Dryer Marks


    I had this exact same problem.  Two of the replies so far have been what my problem was.  One, the clothes were getting caught in the crack between the dryer drum and where the front of the dryer connects to it (very small crack).  There was a piece of felt that goes around the drum at the connecting spot that acts like a shock absorber and it was slipping out a bit, creating the crack that my clothes were catching in.  The other part was that my dryer was indeed getting too hot and the brown mark was actually a scorch mark from where the cloth had been stuck in the one spot for an extended period of time, next to the hot metal, and started to burn.  We nursed the dryer for quite a long time, replacing the drum belt as needed, cleaning all lint out of any spot in the vent system, etc.  It finally blew up last year, though, and we had to buy a new one.  My husband is a mechanic and we often have auto chemicals/fluids in his dirty laundry.  That residue is NOT GOOD for your dryer and WILL be a problem after a while.  I am sure this contributed to our problem (we had a particularly messy load prior to the blow up).  If you have similar laundry, make sure it is clean of the fluids, etc. before drying, or line dry it instead.