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Re: Re: Dye stains…..


    I can remember that years ago, when I was just a kid, my
    mother taught me about the salt and vinegar trick to keep
    colors from running, ESPECIALLY RED. When I had a red shirt or shorts the colors ALWAYS RAN unless I did this. Shirts that were made from a cloth from INDIA, called bleeding madras could be stabilized with this same method.

    New blue jeans in the very dark color always ran until they
    had been washed several times. We didn’t use salt on them, just had to be careful to wash dark colors together. Even then, it was common for the pockets and linings to turn blue after washing.

    What’s the SAFEST way to be sure the color doesn’t run?
    Have the item DRY CLEANED. Don’t want to do that?
    Return the item to the store and don’t buy any more like that!   ;D  
                                     Bill R.