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    Wow, so glad to have found this thread. My husband and I just moved to a cute little 2 bedroom cabin that’s heated with propane. We’ve never been in an area that used propane before. It cost us over $500 to fill the tank, and that was just about a month and a half ago. It’s already down to 30%!!! To say I was shocked and disturbed is an understatement. We have been trying to avoid using the heater, but it has been so cold lately, and we still have a few months to go… I had no idea propane was so expensive! We were charged $3.75/gal!!! I would never think electric heaters would be a cheaper option, but I will have to look into them. There’s no way we can afford to rely solely on propane… ridiculous! We love renting this little house, but it is pretty drafty, and definitely not energy efficient! It is only about 1000 sq feet. I can’t believe we are looking at $250/month without even counting electricity costs! Ugh.