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    I bought a house two years ago that has electric heat in the ceilings (terrible idea from 1978) the whole house is run on electric. There is no duct work. Natural gas is not available. Our “budget plan” electric bill started at 289.00 per month for 2800 two story. Then it went to 304.00. Now my new bill said its going to be 444.00! I've never paid a car payment that high! I simply just can't pay this bill. I have contacted DTE twice to ask for an assement. They sent us a care package with some light bulbs and water saver attachments. I just need some serious help. I was going to buy the e monitor but its way out of my price range (600-900 dollars) this is just ridiculous . I feel bullied by the power company. I have a wood burner in my basement. Is there really  a way to make vents in the floors without duct work to heat my main floor?. My daughter lives in the bedroom up stairs. Is there an efficient space heater she can use instead of the electric ceiling heat?